Sports Massage

Whether you are a weekend warrior or you are playing for the Denver Broncos, athletes at all levels should be taking advantage of a Sports Massage service. Your session will be customized to your individual requirements. We consider your sport, your history, and whether you are getting a Sports Massage for rehabilitation, preparation for a big event, or flexibility in our Sports Massage planning.

A Sports Massage can give you increased flexibility, strength, and better range of motion. It can help your muscles recover from an event or injury. It can also assist you in preparing your body for a new event. No matter what level athlete you are, a Sports Massage can help you enjoy it more by preventing injury and staying healthy.

Treatment Expectations

Each sport uses different muscle groups and uses them in different ways. Some sports lean more towards flexibility and speed while others focus on strength. Depending on your sport and goal will determine what type of massage you will need. There might be deep tissue factors for some while others might be focused on stretching muscles to increase range and flexibility.

If you are recovering from an injury, your Sports Massage will be focused on helping you get to peak condition in both the injured area as well as your entire body. Athletes around the world have added Sports Massage to their workout regimen. They feel healthier, battle fewer injuries, and are better prepared for their sport.

Benefits of a Sports Massage

The benefits of Sports Massage include:

  • A massage customized to the requirements of your sport.
  • Fewer sports-related injuries.
  • Greater flexibility throughout your body.
  • A competitive edge because your body is more prepared than ever before for the rigors of your sport.
  • Better sleep and less pain overall.
  • If you do suffer a minor injury, you will be better prepared for recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting regular Sports Massage treatments can definitely help extend your athletic career. It reduces muscles atrophy and encourages strength and flexibility. Sports Massage gives you the best chance for a longer athletic career.

A Sports Massage combines factors from all different types of massage. It may combine the relaxation of a Swedish Massage with the trigger point therapy depth of a Deep Tissue Massage. Your massage may even consist of primarily physical therapy stretches. A Sports Therapy Massage is whatever your body and your sport require it to be.

A Sports Massage will address any scar tissue before it becomes a serious trigger point issue. It will help decrease inflammation from your injury. It will help relax you and let you recover while you are in the healing stage. Once you need to start training again, it will help you get back to peak performance at a much faster rate.