Post-Trauma Injury Massage

When you are injured in any sort of accident, your body experiences a level of trauma as well. Massage for injury and post-trauma symptoms can be an effective component of your healing. This type of massage focuses on both the mental and physical recovery.

In an injury to muscles or soft tissue, massage that is focused on treating your injury can help you recover from the trauma you experience as well. As you begin to recover from your physical injury, you are likely to experience some degree of emotional connection to the trauma that can result in limiting your healing.

Trauma can express itself as physical pain above and beyond that caused by your injury. It is the body’s natural response to guard and protect an injured area to a cellular level. It is important to treat both the mental and physical symptoms to return you to a pre-trama state of wellness.

Treatment Expectations

With injury and post-trauma massage, the focus is on the pain you are experiencing. Massage Therapy works to retrain the tight and guarded areas and allows the mind and body to relax and heal. Your massage therapist will slowly work on your muscles and soft tissue by gently kneading and stretching the affected tissue until it is loosened up and you are able to relax.

Benefits of a Post-Trauma Massage

The benefits of injury massage that also focuses on post-trauma symptoms include:

  • Easing your pain. Massage gets to the areas where the muscles are tight and gently works to loosen those areas that hurt the most.
  • Enables relaxation. Massage allows you to relax as your body loosens up.
  • Stress relief. The relaxation caused by your muscles loosening will make you feel the stress leave your body as well.
  • Improved circulation. Keeping that blood flowing to the injured areas helps you heal faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you get injured, you should consult a doctor so that the extent of your injuries are properly diagnosed. You never know when your injuries may be more serious than they appear. Massage Therapy is always tailored to your pain and injury level.

When the body is injured, the natural reaction is to protect itself. The body does this by tensing up the muscles. This protection is also what causes the emotional response known as trauma. The two are connected through the nervous system, which responds well to chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy.

Since the mental health response to a traumatic event can manifest itself as physical pain, massage is the perfect trauma treatment. When one experiences a traumatic event, they suffer from stress and anxiety as a result. Massage is well known to effectively treat stress and anxiety, along with healing and relaxing the tight and guarded muscles of the body.