Shoulder Pain Information

Shoulder pain can be the result of several different conditions, many of which can be relieved through chiropractic treatment. Much of the time, shoulder pain is due to bursitis, tendinitis, or arthritis. Conditions such as frozen shoulder or shoulder impingement occur regularly from age or overuse and respond well to treatment. It can also be the result of more serious injuries such as tears to the rotator cuff or labrum that might require surgery.

Shoulder pain that comes on suddenly might be the result of inflammation of the tendons or the bursa. It also might be the result of arthritis. These conditions may require some rest, heat or ice, and even chiropractic adjustment to relieve a lot of the weakness and discomfort involved.

Musculoskeletal conditions such as dislocation, impingement, and frozen shoulder respond well to a combination of chiropractic adjustments and massage.

Sometimes, the conditions are more serious and will require surgical intervention as in the case with tears to the rotator cuff or labrum. Most shoulder diagnoses will require further testing or scans to confirm.

Treatment Expectations

If your condition is diagnosed as minor, your chiropractor will give you specific exercises to do to help you gain mobility. Complete range of motion will be assured if you follow the doctor’s stretching recommendations. If you are being treated for one of the musculoskeletal conditions, chiropractic adjustment of the shoulder and spine will alleviate much of your discomfort. You will also gain even more relief through exercises and massage therapy.

Benefits of Sciatica Treatment

    Successful chiropractic treatment of many shoulder ailments can expect these benefits:

  • Restored range of motion. You will be able to move freely again.
  • You will experience relief of some if not all of your pain.
  • You will be more flexible. As your range of motion increases, so does your ability to stretch more.
  • The inflammation in your shoulder will decrease.
  • You will find that your shoulder is stronger and that you have better muscle tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Chiropractic intervention can complement traditional medicine in many ways. When you need to be referred to a surgeon or other medical specialist, we always try to see if your treatment can be shared by our two specialties.

Complete recovery time from shoulder impingement will vary from one patient to another. Normal time to full recovery can be 2 to 3 weeks.

A chiropractic adjustment can gently ease the shoulder joint back into place in such a way that swelling and inflammation are kept to a minimum. Once the joint is back in place, your chiropractor will help you recover through massage and gentle stretching.